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tag date2020-12-01 12:18:42 -0700
tagged bynytpu <alex@nytpu.com>
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I've modified it to now read from config files! No more having to deal with
merging it every time there's an update! As you can see if you're reading this, I've also migrated the repo to sourcehut. It's not that tildegit isn't good, but I just like sourcehut better. To migrate your install from a pre-release version: 1. cd gemlog.sh 2. cp gemlog.sh ../gemlog.sh.bak 3. git remote set-url origin https://git.sr.ht/~nytpu/gemlog.sh 4. git pull 5. Replace all merge conflicts with the new version. 6. Follow steps 4–7 in the new README.md to create the config directory and copy the config files to the proper location. 7. Copy all but the “don't change these” section of make_globals() from your gemlog.sh.bak to the new config.sh 8. Copy the first heredoc in build_entries() to header.gmi 9. Copy the final heredoc in build_entries() to footer.gmi As far as I‘m concerned, other than bug fixes this is complete. It has all the features I want, so I probably won't be updating it extensively in the future. HOWEVER: just because it has everything I want doesn't mean it has all the features everyone wants. If anyone has anything they want, feel free to send me a suggestion (or even a patch!) at: ~nytpu/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEQ6WJDO6F6h+MiJSS7M3AezN7j1sFAl/Gl0EACgkQ7M3AezN7 j1tMpBAAv9LRSXVYRTZ3w57i+bk2zICieq2ZT68h5gPVjCN/O4ePBLbh8O6reaNn L87FX8SDeVBBdfgpJnaPMHAXuJp9Cx/pyJVjpg5bwYLjRocVHAX13klaNPiA4Pis rN4izXgIe+DKkf1Aq3R3+gfbHJlplMQydB147C2tvQk57YLTg7Ny1BqsiOlLgUOj O5oUW18EC05cG5pDEnruNLb6UaMcZuCHNTK9V79zDvaRfMrvLLHhawTrk6nAgYuJ eN/2qNyyVxQQDe/1eYPY44VI+vfLAAMmH8xtrMUzXdzfgn2+28HK3UswAcv+6CAa qhWz6Srkri7ANz5CpGC+pMnl1Dhe7ncIqgYQxLdvgjt1+wqmK05l9O2cUXAE4kf6 dOuoIdTUK0o1fFJFzlzBBVGGiEtKXuIqmpiv/5Xb9l5zL4cPSbYcOHMGn4FfRxMO bFCdDMMStR61mbrZoAAm+FmGNIGZ+0L79O2qMSI1qSjRQaCkgTwWI1cftzhsahMV W7IM/mHmDZ4EOI/09VUU0C4istuJJpYLOk9ErpnuoGyMe1AkVMKBIpFBXGyG+9/2 o+EBsBj2O0taxm+QAMUOp2ZKWTXeERNbGqpD1f3umo7sAGqRYuDqSTWRUFSabRib fu+r0ZMljKhCj24kp3+goWI1Q89Fps/ozpyMNLzPndDQg0/WN5U= =t48U -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----