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Add a header recommending that the visitor use GeminiHEADmaster
This patch adds a <header> element that says a proxied page is best viewed through Gemini, and includes a link to the project Gemini FAQ[a], to nytpu's Why Gemini article[b], and to the Gemini quickstart[c]. This patch is useful for users that believe the <details> block at the bottom of the page is too subtle, and wish to direct more traffic to their Gemini capsule as opposed to the web proxy. [a]: https://gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/faq.gmi [b]: https://nytpu.com/why-gemini.gmi [c]: "chttps://geminiquickst.art/
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diff --git a/main.go b/main.go
index c600985..77c35c5 100644
--- a/main.go
+++ b/main.go
@@ -135,6 +135,17 @@ var gemtextPage = template.Must(template.
{{- end }}
{{- end }}
+ <p>
+ This site is significiantly improved by visting through the
+ <a href="https://gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/faq.gmi" target="_blank">Gemini Protocol.</a>
+ </p>
+ <p>
+ <a href="https://nytpu.com/why-gemini.gmi" target="_blank">Why use Gemini?</a> &mdash;
+ <a href="https://geminiquickst.art/" target="_blank">See the Gemini Quickstart to get started!</a>
+ </p>
+ <hr>
<article{{if .Lang}} lang="{{.Lang}}"{{end}}>
{{ $ctx := . -}}