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# cheetah-bot
-A bot to automatically post pictures to reddit and mastodon. ostensibly
+A bot to automatically post pictures to Reddit and Mastodon. Ostensibly posts
cheetah pictures, but it'll work on anything.
+Entirely conceived, researched, and written in around an hour, so the code is
+not necessarily what could be called “high quality.”
## usage
@@ -27,8 +30,13 @@ App Secret: <client secret>
User Token: <access token>
-edit various paths in cheetah-bot.go, then compile. just set it to fire on a
-cron job, it's a one-shot affair.
+Put those in `/var/local/cheetahs/`. Also name your image files in the format
+of `DXXX.jpg` (you need 3 digits) and add a description of them in the format
+`DXXX.desc`, and put all of them in `/var/local/cheetahs/`. If you want to
+start at a day other than 1, make a `/var/local/cheetahs/day.txt` only
+containing the day you want to start at.
+Then just set it to fire on a cron job, it's a one-shot affair.
## building