CHIP-toolsA collection of tools for working with CHIP, namely flashing it.9 months
PocketDeskA desktop when you want it, pockethome when you don't9 months
advent_of_code_2020advent of code 2020 solutions in c13 months
aether-utilvarious scripts and utilities for use with the aether peer-to-peer network12 months
alubasic alu designed for the alchitry cu13 months
cheetah-botbot to automatically post cheetah pictures to reddit, mastodon, and gemini4 months
comitiumfeed aggregator for gemini supporting many formats and protocols3 months
dotfilesMy personal dotfiles5 months
edposix-compliant reimplementation of the standard editor in C117 months
forks/kinetoAn HTTP to Gemini proxy8 months
forks/rm-dl-annotatedExport notebooks and annotations from Remarkable tablets9 months
gemlog.shgemlog management utility8 months
gencscript to generate a c project template7 months
hanoi_solversolves the tower of hanoi in ncurses14 months
namagottitamagotchi clone written in c14 months
posimple C99 pomodoro timer using libnotify and ncurses8 months
ptimimproved and modified version of the watchface made in the pebble tutorial7 months
rgb555convconverts 24 bit colors to 15 bit colors14 months
startpagelightweight gruvbox-themed startpage designed for qutebrowser13 months