comitiuma feed aggregator for gemini supporting many formats and protocols.6 hours
gen_fpgaa project generator for the alchitry cu dev board6 hours
rgouthe royal game of ur for the game boy advance12 days
cheetah-botbot to automatically post cheetah pictures to reddit, mastodon, and gemini4 weeks
gemlog.sha gemlog management utility5 weeks
poA simple pomodoro timer in C, with notifications6 weeks
filoga plaintext-based tool for logging your film ratings and watch history6 weeks
gen_goGenerates a template project for quick Go development6 weeks
aether-utilvarious scripts and utilities for use with the aether peer-to-peer network3 months
advent_of_code_2020Advent of Code 2020 solutions in C4 months
alua basic alu designed for the alchitry cu4 months
startpagea lightweight gruvbox-themed startpage designed for qutebrowser4 months
rgb555convConverts 24 bit colors to 15 bit colors5 months
namagottiA Tamagotchi clone written in C5 months
gen_cGenerates a template project for quick C development5 months
hanoi_solversolves the tower of hanoi in ncurses5 months
PocketDeskA desktop when you want it, pockethome when you don't3 days
CHIP-toolsA collection of tools for working with CHIP, namely flashing it.3 days
binScripts and other useful executables2 days
dotfilesMy personal dotfiles3 days